Which Cruise Line is Best for Families?

To determine which cruise line or ship is best for families or your family in particular, you have to look at the family that is traveling and the ages of the children.  Most importantly do your homework on what each line offers by way of what kids want to do. Or, you can contact your local travel agent (Thunderbird Travel – shameless plug) and tell us what you are looking for and we do the research for you.

While both Carnival and Disney advertise to families, Disney is particularly appealing to families with younger children with their Disney characters. Royal Caribbean, with it’s Dreamworks characters, draws many families with teens due to its many deck-top amusements such as rock climbing walls, miniature golf courses and (on its latest ships) surfing pools and zip lines. Most of these cruises have their kids programs divided into age groups. Carnival, for instance, seems to have the most comprehensive program given that it carries more kids than any other line. They divide their well-educated and trained counselors into groups with ages 2 to 11 (Camp Carnival); 12-14 (CircleC) and 15-17 (Club 02). Contact us for more information. Trying to find the best cruise line for your family is a good reason to work with us. We save you time and money.


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