Get your teeth fixed in Mexico?

My husband and I just got back from getting our teeth fixed in Mexico. At first, I thought it was the craziest idea my husband had had in quite a while. However, when you get an estimate from your dentist for dental work that is going to run up a bill totaling $4600 and that was just for mine, you tend to look around for other options. We (who are typically FOX News watchers) were watching CNN one night where they did a segment on a dental company who has offices just across the border in Mexico. We did some research on it and called them. I gave them the list of things I needed done and they gave me a rate 50% less than the one from my dentist. So, since we have family in Houston and typically go visit once a year, we thought, “What’s a couple of days in Mexico.” Well, we did it. The best part is that it cost us less than what we were quoted. The offices had the same equipment as my dentist’s office. The staff was very friendly and helpful. It does help if you speak Spanish but don’t let that stop you. They do have someone in the office who speaks English well and can translate if needed. A lot of times, even with a long drive, gas, hotel stay and food costs – it can still save you money to get your teeth fixed Mexico.


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