Costa Rica and Jaguars

Costa Rican tucan    The beautiful jaguar is the most hunted endangered animal in the Americas. It’s incredibly elusive — most Costa Ricans have never even seen one, though it’s the third largest big cat in the world (after the tiger and lion). Similar in look to a leopard, the jaguar prefers to live in the dense rain forests, which explains why they’re rare to see in the flesh. The Jaguar Rescue Center in the Caribbean coastal town of Puerto Viejo (on Playa Chiquita) is the best place in Costa Rica to see one. The center takes in young jaguars that have lost their mothers, been injured or experienced other traumas. The center cares for other injured animals too, including monkeys, sloths, anteaters and owls. Guided tours are available twice a day, six days a week. You can even volunteer if you have time on your hands. Get out of the winter cold, cross one more destination off your bucket list and stare into the eyes of a jaguar. Give us a call and get your trip to Costa Rica booked today.


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