Discovery Cove: A Great Deal

Recently, I began looking at Discovery Cove in Orlando, FL as an option for my family’s trip this summer. At the outset, it seems kind of expensive but when I took a deeper look at what’s included in the price you pay – it’s actually a great deal. Besides the fact that it is an awesome park where you can:

  • check out marine life by snorkeling through it,
  • a reserved 30-minute swim and play with a dolphin,
  • freshly prepared breakfast, lunch and unlimited snacks
  • relaxing on pristine beaches
  • and so much more…

It also includes unlimited admission to SeaWorld and it’s waterpark, Aquatica, for 14 consecutive days! Is that not cool or what? I mean, if you had to price all these parks plus a dolphin swim, it would cost much more than what they’re charging. And, for less than $25 bucks you can add Busch Gardens in Tampa which includes a shuttle from the Orlando area to the park and back. Really, forget DisneyWorld on your next vacation. Make memories you will never forget – call us for more details on your amazing Orlando family vacation and book it soon because space at the Discovery Cove is limited to a certain number of guests per day.


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