What Not To Wear

What to and not to wear on a flight could possibly save your life or keep you from getting thrown off. For example, tight clothes could restrict blood flow causing deep vein thrombosis. This is where blood clots form in the veins that could increase the risk for a pulmonary embolism. Symptoms include red or swollen limbs. Give your skin some breathing room and wear loose-fitting cotton or linen garments. Obsene (too short or showing too much skin) or offensive clothing can get you kicked off a flight. T-shirts that sport a controvercial topic dealing with racial/ethical/political themes – leave them at home. High heels aren’t exactly good for making a quick getaway in case of an emergency. Take it from someone who has missed a flight or two and then had to sprint from one end of the airport to the other – I wear either gymn shoes, slip on shoes (makes it easier at the security check point) or hiking boots. You can also save some room in your luggage by not having to pack the hiking boots. Also, as much as I love the perfume Bronze Goddess, available at Dillards, doesn’t mean the person sitting next to you on the plane will too. Keep in mind that on a plane, the air is recycled and gets stale. Set aside a clean change of clothes for the ride home – you and everyone else will appreciate it. Unsure about the weather where you’re going? Layers, layers, layers…make it so you can take them on and off as needed to keep you comfortable. I know some of this may seem like – duh, like use some comon sense – but, some of us also love to be fashionable when flying. Just remember, keep it comfortable and you’ll enjoy your flight and so will everyone around you.


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