Dunn’s River Falls of Southern Illinois?

Dunn's River Falls of So IL     It’s amazing how you can live in an area for umpteen years and not know everything there is to do, see and play in. In an effort to find an inexpensive weekend activity for my family, I was looking for a swimmin’ hole given how hot it’s been lately. I found the best website ever – www.swimmingholes.org/ilinia.html. It has comments and photos submitted by local people (all over the country) who can give you directions, comments and things to be careful of, etc. For our area – we found the Kinkaid Lake Spillway. The water wasn’t all that cool given that the water is running over rocks that have been baking in the sun all summer but it is still refreshing and so much fun to climb up and down. You do need to keep an eye out for snakes – you are in a park area, after all. You leave them alone and give them a wide berth and they’ll do the same for you. This place is 10 miles west of Murphysboro on Hwy 149. You’ll see a street sign that says Spillway Lane. Checkout the rest of the photos at our Facebook page.


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