Online convenience, Local support

We’ve done some updating of our website. And, for those who enjoy online convenience for booking your vacations, we have a special page called BOOK IT NOW. It’s available 24/7 for us night owls who can’t sleep but want to dream about our next trip, find the prices and book it. When you already know your dates of travel, destination and hotel, you don’t need us to help you figure out where to go. You can access our preferred suppliers and book it yourself. But, by booking it on our site, you have the added benefit of local support and an agent that you can contact for information when you have questions or assistance with your booking (during business hours, of course). Plus, even the best laid plans hit a snag now and then. So, if you have issues while you’re on your trip, you have someone you can call – a person you know and trust. That gives you peace of mind. Check out our website for online convenience with local support.


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