London’s Best Steakhouses

Karen Bryan of Europe A La Carte says London isn’t short of a steakhouse. Unfortunately, if Shaftesbury Avenue is anything to go by, it’s all Aberdeen Angus Steakhouses. No! There are tastier London restaurant options for steak lovers! Here are her tips for the best steakhouses in the city. The Hawksmoor know their meat. They treat it with love (not hippy love, manly steaky love) and you won’t ever have a bad steak here. Or a bad cocktail. Or brunch. Or burger. They’re renowned for their lunchtime burgers – and at £15 a pop they really should be. Dinner won’t set you back less than £50 a head, but you’ll be so happy you came here. Do it immediately. The Hawksmoor and The Goodman are always in competition with one another. Foodies seem to prefer one or the other. The Goodman have branched out more recently (they used to cook their steaks ‘the Goodman way’ but if you ask for rare, they’ll do it now). They’re a bit swankier thanks to their Mayfair location, but they serve good cow. You won’t get the best steak you’ll ever eat at Relais de Venise. But, for the bargain price of £20, you get some very good steak fries. Twice. I’m not sure why they’ve give you second helpings (are there more places in London that do this? I need to know about this kind of thing), but anywhere that gives me the opportunity for two meals in one is onto a winner. Avoid the desserts and don’t get offended by the staff. They cart you in and out like cattle. Sophie’s has a very good reputation in West London. Their lunch specials are an excellent value. You can’t argue with the two course option for £11.50 – including a rib-eye. If you’re in the area, it’s a good option. Popeseye’s Steakhouse keeps it simple. The menu lists the cuts of steak. Then it lists the weight of the steaks. You pick your favourite cut (rib eye for me please) and then the size. Sometimes things should be simple, shouldn’t they? This Argentinian chain, Gaucho,  isn’t getting any less popular. It might be a little more mainstream than some of the steakhouses in London, but that doesn’t mean that the cut of their sirloin is any less impressive. I’d check out the others first, but I’m excited about my forthcoming visit here. Give us a call to set up your next trip to London or send us an email or even book it online.


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