Greece – if by Sea

In Greece, the past is always with you. Where ever the traveler looks there is a reminder of not just centuries but thousands of years of history. IParthenon in Greecen some locations, shards of ancient artifacts still lay on the ground like so much rubble, and the ruins of temples and great buildings are so abundant you have the feeling of being in a vast, singular outdoor museum. From the seaside taverns and restaurants to the wonderful vistas and landscapes of the rugged coastline, Greece offers an astonishing variety of experiences and activities. But this is not a country to rush through in a mad dash to see all there is to see. One of the best ways to experience Greece at a leisurely pace is to visit by sea, taking cruises between the islands, hopping from one to the next and taking in the culture, sights and foods of Greece from the vantage point of its surrounding oceans. As destinations, the Greek islands each have their own persona. No two are alike and some are as different from the others as night is from day. Underneath all of them, however, is their ocean heritage, an agrarian and fishing legacy still visible today. Greece is a land carved by the sea – the nation has one of the longest coastlines in the world. There are over 2000 Greek islands. Of those, only 227 are inhabited, of which only 78 have more than 100 permanent inhabitants. Seventeen of the islands have more than 100 square miles of surface area. Giant Crete is the largest with more than 3,200 square miles of territory, while some of the most famous islands, like Santorini’s Thera has only 28 square miles. There is so much to learn, see and discover. What are you waiting for? Contact Thunderbird Travel IL and get started!


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