Hotel Check in with your Phone

Hotel check in and out now faster with a mobile app on your phone which might make the “hotel key” a thing of the past. Get real time information about your room sent directly to your phone. Starwood Hotels & Resorts just launched its SPG Keyless program, which lets guests check in and access their rooms via their phone. By the summer of 2015, Hilton Worldwide plans to introduce a similar keyless service. Marriott hotels is running a Sweepstakes to promote their new app for checking in and out. It’s not available at all of these hotels’ locations so make sure you check with the property or checkout the chain’s website to download the app. The next time you make a hotel reservation, hopefully with us, don’t forget your phone and check-in or out with the digital lobby.

Hotel companies are also realizing how powerful social media is in highlighting inconsistencies between what a brand promises and what it actually delivers. Several sights like Tripadvisor have been instrumental in allowing people who’ve stayed at a resort share their experience. Be part of the revolution – review the hotel after your stay. Share your experience and let people know the good, the bad and the ugly.


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