Packing Tips for Newbies

You got a new job that requires travel or it’s your first cruise that requires some dress-up clothes. You’ve booked the trip, you need to pack, and you don’t want to spend the entire first day ironing your dress or dress shirts. Here are some tips to help you save space and arrive wrinkle-free.

Don’t wait until the morning of your trip to clean your dirty laundry. Clean and fold your clothes a few days ahead of time. Save space by adding items that can be mixed and matched and worn several times over. You can avoid packing multiple blazers if you have one that matches several different pairs of dress pants or jeans. Also, try to pick items that can easily transition from work to play.

When you’re putting those clean clothes in your suitcase, roll whatever you can. Folding causes creasing, and awkward creases lead to ironing…which is what we’re trying to avoid here. Place your dress shirts at the top of your bag to help cut down on wrinkles. Most importantly, hang up these items as soon as you arrive. Though it’s tempting just to pull what you need as you need it from your suitcase, hanging your dress items will keep you looking sharp throughout the trip.

Keep your shoes looking sharp too! Save space by packing your extra socks in your dress shoes to keep the shoes from folding while in transit.

When packing a suit jacket, turn it inside out to help protect it from wrinkling. Then fold it twice and pack it on the bottom of your suitcase so that the clothes on top keep it from moving around too much.

Most importantly, lay out your essential items the night before your trip. Make sure you’ve got your travel documents, keys, wallet and other essentials in a spot you’re sure to see it. Stay organized, and you’ll have everything you’ll need for a successful trip.


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