How to Make Your Luggage Easier to Find in Baggage Claim

Recently, I was there – standing next to the conveyor belt in baggage claim, jostling with strangers to get a good view of the bags as they’re making their turn, hoping that the next 4 black ones are ours. The wiser solution was to have traveled with a bag that’s so visually unmistakable, that you can relax away from the black bag parade and casually wait for yours to arrive. Here are some ways to make your luggage stand out from the maddening crowd:

Tape it Up – Duct tape now comes in a wide variety of colors and themes. Find a roll that suitably expresses your style and tape a few stripes across your bag or on the handle.luggage at baggage claim

With a Bow on Top – Festive ribbons and bows are not just for presents. Tie one on your luggage handle to spot it a mile away.

Get Artsy – Grab some stencils and shake up a can of spray paint. You can creatively stencil your initials in big, block letters and paint on a colorful design.

Iron Man – Iron a distinguishing picture or logo onto the luggage fabric. Be sure to put one on every side so that you can find your bag from different angles.

Stick it To ‘Em – Give your favorite five-year-old a packet of stickers and tell them to go crazy on your plastic bag.


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