Our Twilight Tour

My crew (family) and I took a Twilight Tour this summer. That is to say that we went to the Pacific Northwest and made stops at different sights where Twilight was filmed. It was quite an amazing journey that took us from Seattle to Portland and back up the Pacific Coast to Forks, Washington where the whole story of the movie begins.

This post has to do with a great resort we stayed in called the Kalaloch Lodge. It is near the Hoh Rain Forest and Forks. It has an amazing location – right on the beach. And, is within a couple of miles of trails that lead to other beaches. However, it is a 40 minute drive to the town of FoKalaloch Lodge rks. So, unless you’re planning on eating every meal at their restaurant – you may want to bring some microwavable eats and snacks where you can find a grocery store. They do have a small convenience store on the premises; but the items, as you can imagine, are slightly higher than those in town.

They have 1 & 2 bedroom cabins as well as “houses” which have rooms that are more like cabins with fireplaces but without kitchenettes. They provide a bundle of firewood for you each night to use in the fireplace. It is a most relaxing and quiet place to vacation. If you are a technology junky, however, this is not the place for you. There is no WiFi access and no televisions in the rooms. It took us a day to get used to that idea but once we went walking the trails and the beaches – it was no problem. I did recommend that they put at least a microwave in each of the rooms (in the houses) – I mean, really.

2015 TWILIGHT TOUR2 NIKON CAMERA 169The resort is situated above the beach so you do have to traverse stairs to get down to it and at the bottom are big drift logs that you must climb over. This seems to be the case with most of the beaches in this general area. At the time of this post, I did not see many points with handicap access.

If you are looking for peace and quiet, hiking trails of all difficulty levels, beaches with lots of rocks and drift wood, amazing places for photography and the occasional sea otter swimming amongst the seals, Kalaloch Lodge is the place for you. Even if you’re not a Twilight fan, give me a call at 618-687-2100 and I can tell you more about it.


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