Bella’s Town

Our family trek to the Pacific Northwest took us to Bella’s Town – Forks, WA. If you don’t know who Bella is – she is the main character in a set of movies that started with Twilight. We’re a little late taking this journey given that the series has ended for the time being but the scenery in this part of the country is magnificent. Don’t forget your camera.

It’s a quaint little town with a grocery store, a camping/trekking supply store, a post office, a library (where you can get internet access) and a collection of about 21 restaurants that aren’t too bad. Most of them have a plate or 2 in memory of Bella (like the Bella Burger at Sully’s Drive In). Believe it or not, one of the best Mexican restaurants I’ve been to is Plaza Jalisco on the main drag.

Bella's TruckThere are about 10 cabin/motels in town with most having free WiFi for those technology hounds who can’t be away from their gadgets for too long. One or two have a pool or Jacuzzi / hot tub. A couple of the motels have suites that have a Twilight or Bella theme. There is also an RV Park. And, if you have more than 4 people in your crew, there is a house you can rent that sleeps 6 to 8.

It’s a small town that is amply described in the book but for the actual filming – they used different locations for just about everything – mostly in the Portland, OR area. The ladies at the visitor center were very helpful and they give you a map with the locations of the high school, Bella’s house, etc.

If you get a little too nostalgic for the big city, you can head about 45 minutes north to Port Angeles. And, if you really want an adventure – take the ferry from there over to Victoria. Make sure you have your passport though. Take a drive up Highway 101 and pass right through on your way to Canada. If you’re a Twilight fan – you’ve got to go!


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