Airline Tips from the Pros

There’s nothing like a fabulous flight at the right price to kick off your exciting vacation. Here are some tips from our pros to make sure you and your luggage arrive in one piece.

Make the Best Deal
It’s tough to determine the best time to buy your flight, but as long as you purchase more than 30 days in advance, you likely won’t be greatly overpaying for the trip. Economy airlines, while offering bargain fares, charge for many other services, like checking or carrying on bags, assigned seats, snacks, and beverages. Check with us to see what’s included in the ticket price before booking.

Make Sure Your Luggage Arrives with You
While the overall number of lost bags may be decreasing, it still happens from time to time. To up the chances of your baggage arriving as soon as you do, consider investing in a RFID tracker, such as ReboundTag. These small, portable tags (or microchips) can be clipped onto your bag for an added level of security. If lost, the chip will automatically update you with location information by SMS or email.

Avoid Delays
There’s no surefire way to avoid flight delays, but there are some ways to increase your odds of an on-time departure. If you book a flight earlier in the day, there’s a better chance of your flight leaving on time, weather permitting. You can also consult resources like to help determine which flights are more frequently delayed.

Skip the In-flight Wi-Fi
Pricing can sometimes be complicated with the in-flight Internet and the service is often slow and frequently disrupted. If you have to use it, opt for the cheaper package to cut costs. Important to note, many US airline carriers lose connection as soon as they hit international skies, so keep that in mind before you click buy. If you can, consider enjoying the in-flight entertainment (if offered) or simply disconnect for some moments of peace.

These tips will help you enjoy your next flight without breaking the bank. Call us for your next flight. Happy flying! This is from our Travel Tips Quarterly newsletter.


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