Bungalows Over the Water

SRC OTWVB TRADEI’ve wanted to stay in a bungalow or hut over the water ever since I found out they existed. It’s been a few years. But, for the longest time, the only ones around were in the South Pacific which is pretty pricey given the airfare and took a full day maybe even 2 to get there because of the flight schedules.

Not any more! Meet the bungalows over the water at Sandals Royal Caribbean in Jamaica. On top of them being on the water, you have a butler. How cool is that? You could literally stay in the bungalow and not leave the entire week except to dive into the ocean and then back up to eat or snack.

The Great House (main part of the resort on land) boasts a British influence with manicured gardens, afternoon tea and a game of croquet. Then, offshore, you have these Oriental style huts over the water. This collection has it’s own Thai restaurant to complete your transition from Britain to Bali. Add to this, 8 restaurants to chose from for dining, 5 bars, unlimited scuba diving (if you’re certified), FREE wifi, FREE wedding (for stays of 3 nights or more) and so much more. Give me a call and book your vacation to paradise today!


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